Top 5 Best Rangefinder Binoculars Review and Guide (2021)


It is impossible to pin down your prey's exact distance without the best rangefinder binoculars in the market. The right binocular with a rangefinder for hunting can gauge the exact distance of the target prey.

It is becoming even more confusing when different hunting binoculars with rangefinders, adding to buyer decision problems. You can solve the problem by going through rangefinding binoculars reviews online as you get closer to your choice.

A reliable rangefinder binocular is that which meets your needs and requirements, leaving you to feel content. Instead of carrying a binocular and rangefinder separately, shop for a binocular range finder combo to reduce your weight.

Our good news is that we have what the consumers like you and me rate as the top pick in the rangefinder binoculars review. After a feature analysis of the Vortex Optics Fury HD as one of the Best rangefinder binoculars, here are the reasons why it is our top pick.



98% Overall

The Vortex Optics Fury HD is a rangefinding binocular on a class of its own. One of its features is the brightness settings that make it possible for use during the day or night, including low lighting areas. The device is water and fog proof that will also see you benefit from its low power consumption.

When using the focus, the eyepiece and the reticle can work independently, giving you images and overlays clear regardless of the visibility. The angle compensation function is useful for bowhunters and can give a good range for rifle hunters. Therefore, using this binocular will increase your chances of hitting your target. The binocular rangefinder combo has high-quality 42mm diameter objective lenses hence receives more light that enhances your target field.


Recommended Top 5 Best Rangefinder Binoculars Review


Best Value For Money

4.8 / 5

The Fury HD Laser Rangefinder binocular has a magnification of 10X on an objective lens of measuring 42-mm in diameter, giving you a maximum range of 1,600 yards. The product has an angle compensation and uses a dielectric phase-coated roof prism. The Fury HD gives you a field of view of 314.5 feet for every 1,000 yards.

The product is rated as a mid to high grade laser range finding binoculars. It has a built-in laser rangefinder operating on multiple modes giving you more room for customization. The tool is appropriate in rifle shooting and bowhunting as it helps calculate horizontal component. You can use the line of sight and angle of inclination mode if you are handling your calculations.

Implement the scanning feature to get the range of a distant moving target easily. The XR multi-coating, HD lenses, anti-reflective coating, and the dielectric phase-detection correction prisms combine to give you a clear field of view.


  • Affordable compared to rangefinders in the same category.
  • One of the best image quality.
  • Two usage modes.
  • Nitrogen purged for fog and waterproofing.


  • The size of the glass does not match the field of view.
  • Works best for right-handed users.


Honest Hunting

As one of the best rangefinder binoculars for hunting, the binocular has a better image quality with good features to support its functionality.


Best Value For Money

4.6 / 5

The Nikon Laserforce will give you a magnification of 10X using an objective lens with a diameter of 42-mm.

The laser range you get from using this product is 1,900 yards, which also gives the angle compensation as it uses the Roof prisms.

The fully multi=coated lens will give you a field of view 320 feet. Specs wearers will be glad to know that the eye relief for the Nikon Laserforce is 15.5-mm.

The angle compensation feature is in the form of Incline/Decline Technology that helps you gauge your target's horizontal distance.

The angle can go as far as 89-degrees giving you a better chance no to miss the shot. The LED brightness is adjustable, which not a common occurrence in most rangefinders.

Using the device gives you the flexibility of using yards or meters as a unit of measure.

The optics brings the extra-low dispersion glasses to you alongside Nikon's fully multi-coated lenses for brighter and vivid images.

All the glass components in the Laserforce binocular are lead and arsenic-free, giving you good points in conserving the environment.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • ED low dispersion glasses
  • The O-rings help in fog and waterproofing
  • The OLED display has four different levels of intensity


  • Rubber grip does not work with woolen gloves
  • Sand and dust stick on the rubber armor


Honest Hunting

The lead and arsenic-free glasses in use for the lenses is a plus in environmental conservation. Despite its size, the rangefinder is light in weight.

3. BUSHNELL FUSION 1 MILE Binocular Review

Best Value For Money

4.1 / 5

The Fusion 1 Mile uses a 10X magnification power with an objective lens size of 42-mm.

The laser range runs up to 1,760 yards with an acceptable angle compensation for a better shot.

The binocular uses a Roof prism with BaK-4 with PC-3 phase correction lenses that can take your view 305 feet with a close focus range of 10.5 feet. With an eye relief of 18mm, you can see clearly through the fully multi-coated coating that also acts as RainGuard.

Some of its best features can easily pass as of best binoculars with rangefinder.

The Fusion 1-Mile Binocular laser mode is adaptable for both bow and rifle hunters. The ranging of this product runs from 10 to 1,760 yards with an accuracy of a yard. To have an effective range distance, you must look for large prey. The binocular will only find a deer within the range of 500 yards out, while you can spot objects such as trees at twice the distance.

Angle correction compensates the target range depending on the angle that will prevent undershooting or overshooting. The ARC Bow Mode shows your distance to the target and the effective range on a horizontal plane. The ARC rifle mode shows how many holdovers that will compensate for the bullet drop.

The lenses are waterproof and lined with a coat that offers high definition imaging making this device one of the best binoculars to use in rainy weather. R.J. Cunninghame uses the Bushnell brand of rangefinders to explore the forest awaiting the deer-hunting season.


  • Works well for rifle and bow hunters
  • Relatively affordable
  • The lenses are waterproof and repel water through their coatings
  • Angle compensation mode improves its accuracy


  • Some customers complain of quality control
  • Eyecups are of poor quality


Honest Hunting

The two angle correction compensation modes, the Arc Bow and the Arc Rifle, improve your target shot accuracy and it’s a distance measuring binoculars which makes the hunting experience worthwhile.

4. SWAROVSKI EL RANGE 10X42 Binocular Review

Best Value For Money

4.1 / 5

The EL Range 10X42 is one of Swarovski’s top binoculars with rangefinder for hunting using a magnification of 10X and an objective lens diameter of 42-mm.

The linear range distance is about 1,500 yards with a field of view o 330 feet, giving you an eye relief of 17.3-mm. The binocular is weatherproof, and its portability makes it a favorable rangefinder binocular.

Use the manual focus range that eliminates the need to use the auto-focus feature common in other rangefinder binoculars. You will get excellent results when using it during the day as opposed to low light conditions. With the Swarovski, there is a guarantee of having a clear shot from the expansive field of view.

The outer construction is made of high-quality magnesium alloy, giving it a sturdy and durable appearance.


  • Twist-up eyecups
  • Dual locking diopter
  • The rangefinder is weather resistant
  • Durable magnesium construction


  • Insufficient technical support
  • Unsuitable for older hunters or those using bi-focal eyeglasses


Honest Hunting

Swarovski is durable and has an outer construction making it impossible for external elements to get into the interior components.

5. ATN BINOX-HD 4-16X Binocular Review

Best Value For Money

4.1 / 5

ATN Binox-HD has its magnification range from 4 to 16X with larger objective lenses with a diameter of 65-mm. Some hunters consider it as one of the best rangefinder binoculars for hunting, this particular bino does not seem to have a convincing angle compensation as it does not have any prism technology.

The view field is at 1,000 yards at 220 feet with a close focus range of 10 feet. The eye relief is within the ranges of 10-30mm.

The binocular rangefinder and compass will serve you at night because of its Infrared illumination with an integrated GPS and gyroscope. The binoculars with digital rangefinder has a digital zoom feature and capable of producing 1080 images and video recording. You can stream your range-finding missions via Wi-Fi regardless of the kind of weather you are facing.

The fact that the Bino does not have the Porro or Roof prism means that it is not your regular binocular. It uses a digital system that controls two high-resolution screens that act as lenses. The images displayed on the screen include the up-down angle and the direction of the compass. Despite the lack of a proper angle compensation, you will still know the angle.

The ATX Binox HD does not have a laser to read distance. Therefore, it reads distance by estimating the size of the object, which may not be effective. Despite its lack of a typical rangefinder, the ATK Binox HD was considered for rangefinder binoculars review


  • Advanced computing technologies
  • Maps GPS location as it takes photographs and videos
  • Digital zooming
  • Suitable for night use


  • Does not have the necessary cables
  • Remove the batteries to make sure the rangefinder is turned off


Honest Hunting

The Infrared illuminator and the internal gyroscope keep everything in the balance when spotting at night. The 1080 images and live streaming over a Wi-Fi network make the rangefinder binocular desirable.

Buying Guide : Factors to consider before buying best binoculars with rangefinder

When you decide to purchase a range finding binocular, it means you want a hunting device that gives you the distance and the shooting range simultaneously. To get hold of the best rangefinder binoculars, you need to scour through online for distance range finding binocular reviews as you try to understand the following features.


Get a good pair of binoculars and stop worrying about the distance a rangefinder or a binocular does. Because if what you have does not give a clear picture of where the prey is, you may have to carry a second pair of binoculars. You can also get binoculars with built in rangefinder.

The best rangefinder binoculars are the ones with a magnification of 8X and 10X. Less of that means you will not pick animals wandering far away. The idea is to buy binoculars with large lenses to let in more light leading to sharp images when viewing over long distances.


A good rangefinder will give you the right guidance of you are shooting or using a bow. Rangefinders are available that use environment information to help give you the bullet or arrow trajectory. Such innovations are found on high-end rangefinders. The good thing is that some low-cost rangefinder binoculars have similar features.


The best rangefinder binoculars are the ones you can use outdoors and in the wild, that is why durability matter. These binoculars are waterproof and fog proof allowing you to use them during the bad weather. Their durability goes to the outer shell, such as those using steel, aluminum, and magnesium covers acting as the casing that gives them a study frame.

Binoculars and accessories also need to be durable in as much as the accessories are replaceable. For any price range you want to spend of a rangefinder binocular, make sure it comes with durable accessories.


If you already have a budget, searching for an ideal rangefinder should not be a problem as long as your budget is realistic. Purchasing a rangefinder binocular should not be a burden to you as long as you can afford it.


The Solution:

A rangefinder binocular is an advanced binocular that displays a range. Instead of using a rangefinder in person, you buy a special type of hunting bino with the range calculating feature. A rangefinder is a vital part of any hunting trip. These gadgets provide a better view over a long distance using laser technology to give the exact spot where the prey is.


The Solution:

Quality rangefinding binoculars are from the high-end ones, affordable ones, the budget ones, and the cheapest ones. Regardless, what you are looking for is to get the best rangefinder binocular that is value for your money and serves your needs. Here are some criteria that should help you get the best binocular with a rangefinder that will work for you. Go through the rangefinder binoculars review and it may give guidance on a quality rangefinder.


Magnification depends on the game animal you are hunting. The temptation is to go for the highest magnification, but the reality is an over magnified image will make it hard to spot your animal. High magnification will reduce your field of view. The higher the magnification, the less the light that gets into the rangefinder to form clear images.

Consider your hunting area. If you are looking for deer’s in a dense forest, you may need an 8X magnification. However, hunting in clear areas, high magnification will suffice.


The angles within which you release your shot from a rifle or a bow can change it to fly high or low. When you are hunting on the same level, there is no need to check on angle compensation. If your hunting ground routine involves stalking prey on higher ground, angle compensation is for you. 

A good rangefinder binocular with a good angle compensation will make a difference between a flesh wound and a vital shot.


Advanced rangefinding binoculars have the built-in ballistic adjustment function. Some simple Binoculars such as the Bushnell Fusion can overcome this even without the built-in function. Other environmental interferences such as altitude, temperature, air pressure, etc. may influence your target trajectory.


By default, most rangefinder binoculars are made to be long lasting in the harsh hunting environment. You need to look for rubber armors, water, and weather resistant. When it comes to durability, only spend on a rangefinder binocular that you need.


As you look for a suitable binocular with a rangefinder, try to look for something comfortable to carry around. Consider that even the heaviest rangefinder is lighter than carrying a binocular and a rangefinder carried separately.


The rangefinder uses the prism and objective lenses to bring the distant object closer and give you the approximate distance of the object. A binocular will go as far as bringing the target object closer to you from a distance using the prisms and lenses.


The good thing about using a rangefinder binocular is its ability to view distant targets and measure the distance between you and the prey. The feature comes in handy when on a hunting trip. Using the traditional rangefinders to look far away targets is half the distance that the rangefinder binoculars cover.

The rangefinder binos have more than double magnification power in comparison to rangefinders. However, rangefinders are extremely portable in comparison to range viewfinder binoculars. Ultimately, it will go back to you as to what you want to achieve on your hunting expedition. Are you setting up camp and wait for prey to come your way or trailing targets?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Answer:

A rangefinder, in addition to having the lenses and prisms work together to project an image to you, measure the distance that distant target objects are. That distance is calculated by the time to takes for the beam to bounce back from the target. The best rangefinder binocular does all the calculations for you to hit the target.


The Answer:

Yes. Rangefinders also help hunters get closer to objects they are tracking.


The Answer:

The distance a rangefinder can see depends on the optics technology used. Generally, a distance of 1,000 yards is possible for non-reflective objects such as animals. Reflective objects are visible to 5,000 yards.


The Answer:

Long distances require a magnification power of at least 20X with an objective lens diameter of 50mm. Hence, 20X50 is the minimum consideration for long-distance viewing.

Final Words

The best rangefinder binoculars are investment that brings more excitement in the field. Our review highlights five different models. Take your time, study the features, and make sure your next hunting trip is the next big story.

  • Features
  • Usability
  • Accessibility


I love VORTEX OPTICS FURY HD it works better and feels premium


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