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Can You See Planets With Binoculars?

Can you see planets with binoculars? Well, this seems to be the PERFECT question one should ask an astronomy lover.

If you don’t know the right answer to this question, then you are at the next to perfect place currently existing in the world.

From my very childhood days, I had a great level of passion for stargazing or astronomy. And, most probably, this is the main reason why I have used varieties of binocular models as of this date.

For your information, I not only use binoculars for hunting or camping purposes, but I also use the binoculars for my stargazing hobby as well.

In the light of my experience as an astrophotographer, today I will share a detailed discussion regarding is it really possible to see planets with binoculars.

Let’s jump right in….

Can you see planets with binoculars? Why or Why not?

To be honest, my straightforward answer to this question – can you see planets with binoculars – is a Yes.

However, you may be a bit surprised to know that you can even see them without a pair of binoculars too.

The most important factor about which you must be aware of while seeing planets with binoculars is the Light Pollution.

When you try to watch a planet, let’s say, Saturn, at that time, depending on the amount of light pollution you will see the planet either with unaided eyes or with a pair of good quality stargazing binoculars.

According to Rob Pettengill, an engineer, astronomy ambassador and astrophotographer –

“It is possible to see and observe the 4 Galilean moons with the help of a 7x35mm binoculars.”

At the same time, Nicole Mortillaro, editor of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, you can see 5 planets with good quality astronomy binoculars. In fact, she has described the whole process one should follow to see those 5 planets with binoculars.

Also, Wilder Davies (the Associate Partnerships Editor at TIME) has stated that you can see Jupiter along with 4 largest Jovian moons with the help of good-quality binoculars.

Tips For How To View Planets of Solar System With Binoculars

By this time, you have come to know that you can see planets with binoculars. But, you don’t know how you can see the planets using a pair of binoculars as you need both skills and experiences as well.

Therefore, I have specifically designed this section giving the utmost importance some of the most vital tips for how to view planets with binoculars.

And, here we go….

Venus & Mercury 

These 2 are known as inner planets. In order to view these 2 planets, you need to choose the perfect timing. Keep in mind that when these 2 planets pass between the Earth and the sun, you can point your binoculars at Venus or Mercury.

This is one of the best ways you can follow to view planets like Mercury and Venus – According to EarthSky.


Let’s move on to the red planet called Mars. This planet looks red and this is the reason astronomers also call it the red planet. When you use a pair of high-quality binoculars, at that time, you experience that the color of the planet may seem to be intensified.

It is a good idea to spot Mars when it tries to pass another planet or bright star.


Jupiter has always been the toughest target for all types of astrophotographers, no matter the level of astronomy expertise one does have. You need to have a detailed guideline on using a pair of binoculars for viewing Jupiter if you really want to experience such a superb stargazing night.

It is important that you must hold your binoculars as steady as possible when you try to spot this bright planet. You can also use a tripod adapter as well for a better viewing experience.


Some argue that you need a telescope to view Saturn’s rings. However, it is possible to see the astonishing Golden color of Saturn with the help of a pair of good-quality binoculars.

In fact, some of the most experienced and skilled observers can catch some of the glimpses of the largest moon of Saturn called Titan using a pair of high-quality and high-powered binoculars.

And, frankly speaking, you definitely make a big-budget, if you want to purchase such kind of high-powered binoculars.

Neptune & Uranus 

It is much easier to see these 2 planets – Uranus & Venus – with the help of a good quality binocular. I must let you know about an interesting fact about Uranus which will experience while trying spot this planet with your pair of binoculars.

Well, this planet will give a greenish look as there is methane in the atmosphere of this planet.

And, the Neptune will appear like a star, if you can spot this planet, though it has, more or less, the same kind of atmosphere as the one Uranus does have.

Things To Remember For Viewing Deep Sky Objects

In this section, I will mention some essential things that you need to keep in mind while trying to do your astrophotography or stargazing activities –

  • Never turn a binocular or telescope directly to the sun while trying to spot any planet.
  • According to NASA Science, it is advised not to use a pair of binoculars for spotting the planets before the sunset.


So, we have arrived at the ending section of this informative discussion on can you see planets with binoculars.

I am quite sure that I have become successful to give a detailed and comprehensive discussion on today’s subject matter.

Besides, I have not only answer to the question, Can you see planets with binoculars? – Why or Why not, I have also given Tips For How To View Planets With Binoculars.

Still, if you have any more questions in your mind regarding this topic, then do not hesitate to knock me though sending me a direct message.

I would love to help you out by giving the best possible solution to your problem.

Happy Stargazing!

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