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Does Firing A 9mm Pistol Without Ear Protection Cause Hearing Damaging/Loss?

Shooting guns is more like a hobby to a significant number of people in recent years. While shooting guns, it is essential to pack all sorts of protective equipment as this particular activity creates louder noise than you can ever imagine (if you have been with a gun before.

For gun shooting, ear protection is one of the gears that is like a must-to-have. But, then again, some of my readers have asked if they can go for a gun shooting round with a 9mm pistol without ear protection.

This type of protection is necessary not only for gun shooting, but also for hunting.

In this regard, today, I am going to make a detailed discussion so that you get to know about whether any ear protection is necessary while firing a 9mm pistol.

If you love hunting or have a passion for gun shooting, I can bet that it is of great importance.

So, it would better if you read the following discussion without taking a single pause.

Does Firing a 9mm Pistol Without Ear Protection Cause Hearing Damage/Loss?

Before I start the discussion regarding the answer to the above question, it is crucial to let you know some quick facts.

Always remember that you have to follow all the gun laws in the United States of America. Actually, gun laws may vary from State to State. So, depending on the State you live in, you should collect adequate information on that particular State’s gun laws before going for a gun shooting battle.

At the same time, if you want to go hunting, then it is crucial that you should have proper information about legal hunting methods & weapon restrictions in the United States of America.

I must make you aware of the fact that any violation of the gun laws or hunting rules may incur a great loss to you. So, it won’t be wise to go for hunting or a gun shooting round without a clear understanding of all the rules and laws.

Well, I think you have got enough information about the pre-requisite regarding firing a gun or a pistol. Now it is time to get back to our original decision, which is about answering the question of our today’s topic.

According to Tyler McDanel, a great observer and gunsmith, a 9mm pistol packs nearly 160 decibels. In this case, you have to know that 95 decibels are regarded as the point where you may experience hearing loss.

So, it can be assumed that firing a 9mm pistol without ear protection can cause hearing damage.

However, certain factors play a significant role in this particular situation, for example, the surrounding area (whether you are outside or inside), the type of environment (an open meadow, or a concrete basement). Simultaneously, humidity and temperature are also important factors in this case.

Even if you are inside a room or something like an auditorium, that room’s size also affects the perceived sound, though I am not sure whether the size originally affects the decibel level. According to my observation, the sound waves created from the explosion (meaning gun shooting) make a bounce all over the room.

After the first few shots, your ear will surely ring, and then, your hearing condition will get affected some. If you have no experience with gun shooting, I can assume that it will be hard for you to hear for the next few days.

However, it will gradually cause hearing damage if you continuously go for gun shooting without any ear protection.

On the contrary, according to Kenneth Tatum, a skilled gun shooter, it may not cause hearing loss if you fire a 9mm pistol without using any ear protection.

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Final Words

So, I am about to end this discussion on “Does firing a 9mm pistol without ear protection cause hearing damage/loss.”

I am confident that I have covered the entire topic successfully by explaining all the details and facts you need to about wearing ear protection while firing a 9mm pistol.

Actually, it is satisfying to me to share different types of gun shooting tips and tricks with my readers so that they can get real information on a specific topic from my blog posts.

If you want to know more about gun shooting or hunting, then you can poke me at any point in time.

I would highly glad to hear from you.

Take Care!

Enjoy Your Shooting!

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