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Where to Find Hunting Land for Lease in Alabama

Alabama is home to the most famous hunting lands and recreation spots for the American people. Millions of acres of hunting lands are available to take a lease in Alabama.

If you are a hunting lover & planning for a hunting expedition or if you are searching hunting properties for taking a lease or you want to buy a hunting property directly from the property owner, you can consider my article “Where to Find Hunting Land for Lease in Alabama.”

I am going to cover everything there is to know about taking hunting land for lease in Alabama. 

Hunting land for sale in Alabama by owner

While most people like to take leases of the hunting lands for a few days during the season, many want to purchase few acres of land there.

If you’re going to buy a hunting property directly from the owner in Alabama, there are many options available. Still, the best option is AFOA (Alabama Forest Owners Association), and they have a website called AFOA Forestland For Sale.

AFOA members are dealing with hunting properties; they have been giving their property for lease to the hunter since 1989. If you want to contact them, you can visit their website or a Facebook group called AFOA Hunting.

Many websites deal with property seals or leases if you don’t know what to go for AFOA nowadays. The most common websites are landflip.com, landwatch.com, landsofamerica.com, whitetailproperties.com, alder.com, smartzip.com, loopnet.com.

Alabama Deer Hunting Leases

Alabama is endowed with ample diversity of wildlife for both spotting and hunting purposes. But the White-tailed deer are the most hunted animal in the region.

With the survey varying from 250000- 300000 deers hunted annually year to year, the impact on the local economy is significant.

Alabama is a big state having mountains in the north, flatlands in the West, and what is known as the Black Belt region across the South, which are the best options for deer hunting.

Some forums and organizations have the best ideas on hunting leases that are very active and also seams to help a good number of deer hunting land for both sale and lease.

Organizations and forums like AFOA, alder.com, and al.com are notable.

Weyerhaeuser Hunting Land for Lease in Alabama

Weyerhaeuser oversees a vast area of land in the southeast, including Alabama and states like Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

They can set up campsites, plant food plots besides configuring many hunting quests. To manage long-term sustainability, they have lots of timberlands which mean they are another paper and lumber producer.

But that also means they have to leave alone many areas of the forest for years to make up. Weyerhauser has many sorts of options for leases. And they hand out leases in different ways for various activities.

To find land to lease for hunting, you can use their interactive maps to show the reserved and available areas. After finding your good place, you can put forward a bid for a year, including exclusive rights. But it is the landowner who will accept or reject.

Hunting land for lease in Alabama black belt region

Alabama’s Black Belt region is a public-private partnership known for its unique experiences for outdoor lovers of all abilities.

The name Black Belt is inherited for its generous layer of black dirt loamy soil. This region fell in the midsection of the state, cutting a wide path resembling a belt. 

It is known around the world as a hot spot for hunting and fishing. This region is the best habitat of the world-famous White-tailed deer, Quail, Turkey, and Duck, including some of the best bass hunting in the state. 

The eastern part of the black belt region is covered in forest areas. At the same time, the western part collides with two rivers Tensaw and Mobile. 

The outfitters and the lodges across the region will provide excellent opportunities. It is your destination if you also want to experience some of the best recreation and cultural tourism.

Hunting land for lease in North Alabama

North Alabama is also famous for hunting places in Alabama state with a population of 1,000,985. If you want, you can take hunting land for lease here too.

Marion, Lawrence, and Jackson are very popular counties for deer hunting in North Alabama. This territory has an excellent environment for hunting, especially for whitetail deer, turkey, and other animals. 

If you want to take hunting land for lease here in the northern part of Alabama, you can use the same websites like huntinglocator.com, landflip.com, landwatch.com, craigslist.com.

Public Hunting Land In Alabama 

Thousands of acres of land are open to public hunting by the U.S forest service, which is very satisfactory for outdoorsy men worldwide.

They enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, boating, and all other facilities. Many top-flight hunting lodges and outfitters are built within these areas to ensure the hunters enjoy all the opportunities. 

Amidst 1.3 million acres of land, almost 775,000 acres of land belonging to the Wildlife Management Area.

And the Forever Wild’s purchased less than 4 percent of the public land, which also consists of 10 Alabama State parks and 17 Wildlife Management areas. 

Besides, you can enjoy hunting as a U.S Forest Service and U.S. Corps of Engineers Land. These

lands are across the Alabama rivers.  

You can check the interactive map tool to find a WMA nearby for more information about the regions.

The WMA’s again have some distinct seasons and fixed bag limits. So, it’s better to check their website about these instructions beforehand.

How much does it cost to lease hunting land in Alabama?

Alabama is the cheapest state in all over the United States of America to take a lease for hunting land and recreation sites. It cost around 10 to 20 dollar per acre depending on the locations and facilities like power or gas, cabins, lake, duck ponds, etc.

Alabama geographical map

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Alabama, known for its hunting lands and recreational spots, has millions of acres of land available for taking a lease open to all outdoorsy people worldwide.

To buy a hunting property or take a land lease for a few days, you can contact organizations or check some websites. Hunting lands like Weyerhaeuser and the Black Belt region have lots of opportunities for people other than hunting. And many world-class lodges and outfitters are available to take a lease so that people get excellent service.

Even though many wildlife species are known for hunting, the White-tailed deer are the hunter’s favorite. A thousand acres of land are open for public hunting and recreation. People can go there for any activities they like.

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