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Find Hunting Land for Lease in Missouri

The search for hunting property for lease in Missouri can be time-consuming, whether you’re looking in the farmlands of the north or the rolling foothills of the Ozarks in the south.

In addition to excellent trophy deer hunting in Missouri, wild turkeys are plentiful, and you can find some excellent waterfowl as well.

Whitetail deer hunting in Missouri can be excellent in certain areas, while turkey hunting in other areas can be relatively selective on which toms you want to take home.

Finding Missouri hunting leases that combine quality and quantity can be a challenge for you.

Deer Hunting Leases in Missouri

Approximately $1 billion is spent annually on hunting in Missouri, where wildlife-related recreation has a significant impact on the economy.

Outdoor recreation, such as fishing and wildlife watching, is not included in this value.

There are numerous hunting leases in Missouri, ranging from 20 acres to thousands of acres.

Missouri’s most valuable natural resource is the white-tailed deer.

Implementing management techniques that meet your particular objectives requires a thorough understanding of their ecology and seasonal habitat requirements.

Duck Hunting Leases in Missouri

Various wetlands and lakes dotted across the farmlands provide prime duck habitat.

Several duck hunting locations can be found in Missouri’s lower Missouri River basin, which spans the state’s northern half.

There are also options to join a hunting club, hunt state waterfowl management areas, or hire a guide if you don’t want to lease.

The Missouri duck hunting lease market is costly because any flood-prone piece of land is a good place for ducks.

Ozark Hunting Leases in Missouri

There is a great deal of wildlife in this region, including whitetail deer and turkeys.

Dense hardwood forests and large creeks and springs are within the Ozark Mountains, dotted with farm fields.

Hunting lease may be less expensive in the Ozarks than in the north.

In this area, you might be able to take a quality deer or turkey.

There is no clear explanation for this, but some speculate that although more deer live in the foothills of the Ozarks, a trophy buck or ram is more likely to live in the north.

Northern Missouri Hunting Leases

Several states in the north and northwest Missouri have rolling farmland, with various terrains such as ditches, creeks, and draws.

People looking for deer hunting leases in northern Missouri have many to choose from.

Besides alfalfa plots, soybean, corn, and clover, trophy bucks also have abundant food sources.

Despite the Pope Young record buck from northern Missouri and the Randolph County buck from 1971, which scored 205 on a B&C Typical test, Missouri is one of the top 10 states for hunting trophy deer.

However, Missouri is a distant second to its northern neighbor, the deer management association, Quality Deer Management Association.

Missouri hunting land for lease by owner

More and more Missouri landowners are looking to provide access to their land for sportsmen, and their guests to hunt, fish, and enjoy other outdoor activities.

There are often smaller tracts of land that several landowners can pawn off to form more significant hunting leases.

A significant number of property owners with adjoining properties can work together to benefit wildlife through landowner cooperatives.

Several cooperatives in Missouri are focused on improving deer and wild turkey habitat.

Landowners with small properties with lease cooperatives may find them more challenging to manage and complicated to manage than single-owner leases, but they can earn income through lease hunting.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Missouri?

Landowners who wish to receive free deer and turkey permits from MDC must own a minimum of 20 acres.

Hunting, fishing, and trapping on a qualifying property will continue to be limited to five acres.

Nonresident landowners will have discounted passes available in 2020, and a landowner registry will be added.

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