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HECS Hunting Suit Review with Pros and Cons [2021 Updated]

The HECS hunting suit is one such suit that will surprise you with what it can provide. This HECS hunting suit review will explain all of it to you.

Hunting is not only for fun at times but it is for survival. While it may be cruel but that is how the world works, doesn’t it? What you have to focus on in this case is on being successful in your pursuit.

Maybe you do not have a great aim or the best weapon to hunt an animal. But, where there is a will there is always a way, right? So, there are other things you can rely on when you do not know how to hunt better with better results.

You may not have known this but what you wear when hunting can actually make a difference. No, it is not just the camouflage a hunting suit would provide but there is more to it. With the improvement of technology, you will come across features that will blow your mind.

HECS Hunting Suit Review: Features of HECS Hunting 3 Piece Camo Suit

What is so special about the HECS suit for hunting? Let’s find out both the extraordinary and the ordinary about this suit.

The Concept of Electric Field

The world is an interesting place and you may not know all about it. In fact, your body itself produces quite a lot of energy which leads to it creating fields of various energy. The electric field that your heart beating and your movements, warmth produce is something that animals can detect easily.

They do not have the best brains so their sharp senses make up for it. You cannot conceal this energy in your normal state. Even when you wear a camouflage suit, the animal will be able to sense your slightest movement. So, you need something that will conceal your energy field.

HECS Technology

The full form of HECS is actually Human Energy Concealment Technology. So, you can guess why we had the talk regarding electric fields that human bodies create. The HECS technology in the hunting suit actually focuses on concealing the energy that gives your presence away to the animals.

What it really does is, conceal your energy in such a way that the animal comes very close to you. It won’t know easily that you are there unless you make a very grave mistake. Some hunters wearing such a suit even reported squirrels climbing them accidentally without even knowing it.

So, you can see how it works. It will relieve you of your frustrations of not being able to aim better. Because you won’t have to do much aiming. Your prey will come to close to you itself.

Lightweight Nature

When you are hunting, you will probably have to wait for quite a while before you see a target. In this condition, you need to feel as comfortable as you can feel. Thus, you need the hunting suit to be lightweight.

Luckily, this HECS suit for hunting is very lightweight. It comes with a full-sleeved shirt, pants, and a face mask. Now, it is so lightweight that people in cold countries often wear it under their outwears. And, the suit still does its job of concealing the energy well.

A Breathable Build 

With outerwear, or with hours of waiting under the sun, it won’t be surprising if you start sweating and feel very uncomfortable. This HECS hunting suit has the perfect build for such a situation. In fact, it is made of carbon fiber, polyester, and spandex. These three together make it very breathable. As a result, the fabric is moisture-wicking and will not make you feel uncomfortable.

However, despite all the good sides of the build, you may feel that the suit is not durable enough, it may easily get torn if it gets stuck somewhere.


While the suit is breathable and made with the right combination of materials- it will still need cleaning. You do not even know where you will have to lie down and wait. So, it is best if you clean it quite regularly.

Luckily, the cleaning session will not be that difficult as this suit is machine washable. You can just leave it up to the machine to wash it.

HECS Hunting Suit Review: Pros and Cons

Animals do get fooled and come quite near the hunter.It may not always make a difference with its HECS technology.
It is quite good at concealing the electric field.The material may give in to tears easily.
Takes the burden of poor aims away.The quality may not seem the best.
Comfortable and breathable to wear.
The size is more or less accurate.
The camouflage is efficient.
Easy to maintain as it is machine washable.
Quite lightweight.
Good value for the price.

Who should buy this? 

If you really need something that will bring the animal closer to you then you can consider this suit. It is reasonable in price and most of the time quite effective. Make sure the camouflage suits the area you hunt in as well.

Who should not buy this? 

If you hunt somewhere where there are a lot of sharp ends that could pierce the suit then it is best if you do not go for this suit. Because a small poke sharp poke can create a big hole in it.

HECS Hunting Suit Review: Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

According to 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation Hunting suite is very important for the serious hunters.

Final Words

If the HECS hunter suit has features that can meet your needs then it is actually quite a good choice. As long as the HECS technology works you will love this HECS suit. And, it works most of the time.

Now, considering the price and durability, it is up to you to decide if you want it. If you like our HECS hunting suit review don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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