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How to Clean Binocular Lenses?

If you use binoculars then regularly you need to maintain and clean it properly. That’s why you must need to know how to clean binocular lenses properly. If you want to clean your binocular now or in the future then this article is a must for you.

Cleaning the binocular lenses is nothing hard to do and very straightforward. Here we are providing some steps by which you can clean your binocular very easily.

How to Clean Binocular Lenses: Step By Step Process

4 Tools you need to collect:

  1. A lens pen
  2. Air blower system
  3. Two pieces of microfiber cloth
  4. Lens care solution

You can find it at any nearest binocular store or also you can buy these from the Amazon store.

The Process:

Step 1

Firstly, you need to remove all the dust from your binocular. For this, you can use an air blower. This small device will help you to clean all the dust from your binocular and lens without making any scratches and physical damage.

An air blower can perfectly remove all the dust from the lenses. When you will use an air blower you need to keep it on mind that always tilt your binocular because the dust can fall into your lens or into the floor.

Step 2

After the air blower cleaning, you need to use a tiny lens pen. It will clean that dust which the blower cannot clean properly; you just brush gently around the lenses.

These lens pens are mainly made for the camera lenses but you can use it on binocular lenses because it is also great for your binocular lenses.

Step 3

In this step, you need to wipe the lens properly with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are specially designed for cleaning the lenses.

It is made of very soft material and most preferable for cleaning the lenses because lenses are very sensible.

Step 4

Lastly, you have to clean the lens cap and the body using a cleaner solution. If you fail to clean those properly then the lenses will again become dirty when you close them.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Cleaning a binocular and lenses can ensure its performance and longevity and that’s why our article how to clean binocular lenses. You should always use professional tools and kits to clean your binocular. This will preserve the expensive coatings on your lens and make it durable. When you need to fix anything on your binocular then never try to fix that by yourself.

Good Luck!

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