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How to Find a Good Hunting Spot on Public Land?

It is very difficult to find a good hunting spot on public land in most of the states. Some states have so many public lands for hunting but it depends on your hunting types.

If you choose public land hunting then first you have to know what public lands you can hunt on.

Today we’ll discuss How to Find a Good Hunting Spot on Public Land.

Find a Good Hunting Spot on Public Land

Here for public land hunting, you can select national wildlife refuges, national forests, check state parks because these places have the opportunities for reliable hunting. In this article, we are providing some tips and sharing some very important information that can really help you when you look for how to find a good hunting spot on public land.

The most important part of finding a good spot for hunting on public land is research. We will suggest you to do a lot of research before going for a hunt on public lands with these resources-

  • Fish department and your state game.
  • Records of public lands and the country.
  • Aerial photographs of your country.
  • Google earth.
  • USGS map.
  • Maps of the forest service and data’s.
  • Guidelines for the hunting.
  • Web-based hunting services (commercial).
  • Use or take local hunters with you.

In a new hunting area, experienced hunters also use the USGS maps of that territory and refine that with Google Earth imaging. In recent days, it is told that Google Earth is a gift from heaven for discovering potential hunting zones. When you think about how you find public land then we will suggest you start with your wildlife agency website which will, as a rule, have a page for open terrains. You can tight your inquiry down to your territory of interest and try for national forests, regional parks, or country lands.

Here are a few tips to help for how to find a good hunting spot on public land-

Try For Float Hunting:

In this kind of hunting, we want to say it before that you cannot use this technique on every area you hunt. But you will find many areas where public hunting areas are full of water. We are suggesting this because if you use those areas then you will find such places where most of the hunters don’t want to go for the hassle and that can be a good opportunity for you.


These signs can include tracks, scat, food, game trails, scrapes, bedding sites, turkey dust beds, or back rubs. By following this, you can find the best spot that you are looking for.


Every time you consider the area’s prevalent wind direction while putting your tree stand or visually impaired. Though you can have the ideal arrangement you need however on the off chance that the wind blows your aroma toward moving toward animals before they are on inside range and they will smell you and leave the area. That’s why you can check wind direction after choosing the hunting area.


It tends to be difficult to walk into a region like this and consider it a perfect hunting spot, particularly in case of that you are hearing the clamor of dog barking and kids playing on neighboring private property. But if you go for urban areas then you will be free from these problems.


Sometimes you can see that you find the best place but you may find there are other hunters available also. So, try to hunt one morning or midday because most of the time animal uses an area in the morning. This can help you also if you become fail to hunt in one location and get started for another.

Use Google Street view option:

In each and every article you’ll at the point read suggests that Google maps, satellite and street view perspectives on public lands discover hunting openings. While they are very useful for public lands and by this you can easily find a good spot for your hunting and it will save your time also.

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a Good Hunting Spot on Public Land

Final Words

After reading the article may you have this question on your mind, is hunting public land dangerous? The answer will be the public land can get unfavorable criticism but in all actuality, a few hunters over misrepresent the weight.

You can see professional hunters logged a lot of public land hours for their experiences on hunting public land. Sooner or later, all public land gets some hunting pressure.

Though private lands offer some exclusive offers for the hunters and public land make obstacles but at the end of the day, you will find that hunting on public land is better.

So, when you search for how to find a good hunting spot on public land then obviously consult your local rules and regulations on drones before you fly that over a public land because sometimes you can find it illegal. Also, try to do these on the off-seasons.

Good Bye and Take Care

Happy Hunting!

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