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How to Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting?

It is very much important to keep your feet warm while hunting especially in cold weather. That’s why here is our article on how to keep your feet warm while hunting.

Keeping the feet warm is the most important thing and for that, you need to keep your feet dry and blood flowing.

If your feet get cold during the hunting then you may have the risk for hypothermia and you can face so many difficulties during the hunt time.

Here are some tips and tricks that keep your feet warm while hunting:

keep your feet warm while hunting: Tips and Tricks

Plan Properly

You will never want to make your feet cold to ruin your hunt. So, be prepared with the lists like: hunting backpack, hunter’s suit, extra socks, hunting boots which must be waterproof. Please double-check for your socks and take water and healthy snacks. If you are well prepared then you will get much confidence while hunting.

The Foods You Should Eat Before the Hunt

There are some specific foods that you need to eat before hunting. Avoid spicy foods in the night before you are hunting because it stimulates neurotransmitters which can affect sweat glands. Always try to have some food that contains carbohydrates and proteins. Because healthy and well-balanced eating can adjust the body better with the cold weather and keep you warmer.


If you choose the right pair of shoes then you can defense the cold. Always remember that never use cottons during the hunting because it absorbs sweat and hangs like a wet sponge. That’s why if you want to have happy feet then stay away from cotton.

Electric Socks

Electric socks can be a wise decision for you in the event that you experience the ill effects of poor courses regardless or if it will be an additional cold. Electric socks commonly have very small hitter-fueled wires meshed into the texture of the sock. As a rule, you can’t feel the real wires but the pleasant steady warmth they produce.

Sock Liner 

If you would prefer not to pack around the batteries around your socks then a sock liner will give you an additional glow for those additional cool days in the forested areas. Sock liners are basically intended to fit cozy against your foot and wick away dampness.


After choosing the socks you need to choose the pair of insulated boots. The boot must have good traction, be insulated, and also waterproof. Try to wear those boots which not only keep the moisture but also loose fit because tightly fitted boots can make hamper the blood flow of your feet.

Insulated Boot pads

If you have to go hunting in extremely cold weather then obviously use insulated boot pads because it can keep you from losing heat through conduction.

Insulated Mat 

Insulated mats work as a barrier between your feet and the cold or wet weather. That’s why if you have to stand all day in a stand or in the wood then you have to use insulated mats because it’s so tough to stand in ice or compact snow for a long period of time.

Keep Your Head Warm

Keeping the head warm is very much important to keep the whole body warm. So, choose such kind of hats which also cover your ears.

Heat Packs 

Have you ever heard about the heat packs which can make you warm when you shake them? Take those heat packs with you while hunting because those packs are really amazing and budget-friendly too.

Use Foot Powder

You can use odorless powder for absorbing moisture which you can find in any sports or outfitter stores. If you don’t have this foot powder then you can try baking soda too.

Minimize Perspiration

You can rub deodorant on your feet on the night before you go hunting because it takes about six hours for the best performance on the sweat glands. This technique can help your feet to remain dry.

Carry Warm Water in a Bottle

All the hunters carry water with them but carrying warm water has more advantages for hydration and warmth.

Beware of Metal Conductors

You need to use an insulator between your body and the cold metal because metal conducts the cold to the body.

Use Camp Slipper

If you still thinking to warm your boots then this tip is a must for you that remove your boots and socks when you get to your tree stand and use new socks from your backpack. Next, put your feet to a camp shoe and take it throughout the day rest.

How do I keep my feet warm in muck boots?

First, wear a pair of thin silk socks and after that wear good quality wool socks on top of the silk socks. The wool socks contain about eighty-eight percent of wool content. try to wear a suspender in cold times because it will improve the circulation of your body and also try not to wear a belt. The silk socks will take out the moisture from the skin but dry feet with good circulation can make you warmer.

Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting

Does Vaseline help with the cold?

Assuming this is the case that it may help you with applying a slender layer of Vaseline around your eyes before covering the cold. The item contains the components which protect your skin from the cold air and saves skin from the crudeness of winter.

Final Words

Staying warm is very important for hunting otherwise everything can go wrong and cause your body to fight back. Hypothermia and frostbite are only a couple of the issues that you can run over.

When you start hunting, make sure that your feet and toes are warm enough. You need to avoid feeling cold just as a channel or inundation foot. Feet are too imperative to all that you want to do and losing one in light of the cold would not be perfect.

If you follow these 15 ways that how to keep your feet warm while hunting then you can gain a hassle-free hunting experience.

Good Bye, and Take Care!

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