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How To Put In Earplugs? – [Everything is Explained]

Earplugs can be beneficial for swimming, sleeping, and noisy or loud environments. At this moment in time, you will find varieties of earplugs models available out there in the market. So, it can be tough for you to discover how to put in earplugs the right way.

To be completely honest, I have received lots of emails from my readers regarding the most appropriate way of how to insert an earplug.

Therefore, I thought of coming up with a detailed discussion on how to wear earplugs the right way. Today, here I am with a comprehensive article where I will share a step-by-step guideline on putting in earplugs following the right way.

I believe this piece of discussion will help you get a clear idea of everything you need to know about inserting earplugs properly.

Without making any delay, let’s jump into our discussion….

How to Put In Earplugs: Things You Need to Know

As I have already mentioned, I will try to cover almost everything you need to know when putting in earplugs properly. So, it is pretty much obvious that it is definitely going to be a long discussion.

Moreover, for your convenience, I have divided the entire article into several sections and sub-sections so that everything can be crystal clear to you.

Using Earplugs Correctly

Earplugs play a significant role in giving you the required kind of protection for your ear while working in areas with loud environments. Besides, this hearing protection equipment is also a must-to-have one for activities and hobbies like hunting, gun shooting, and similar others.

However, you may experience hearing loss even after using earplugs, if you don’t know how to use earplugs correctly. At the same time, the “one-size-fits-all” approach is not applicable when it comes to properly use earplugs (as a means of preventive equipment for hearing loss).

Henceforth, it is clear that you have to wear or use your earplugs correctly in order to get the benefits of wearing the earplugs (meaning keeping your ears safe from hearing loss).

Inserting Earplugs for Proper Protection – Step-by-Step Guideline 

In this section, I will be sharing a step-by-step guideline on how to put in earplugs the right way. To make it the most convenient one for you, I will be focusing on 2 different types of earplugs as these different models require different steps to have a proper fit while putting in the earplug variants.

So, here we go….

Put In Soft Foam Earplugs 

First of all, I will be giving you detailed instructions on putting in the ‘Soft Foam’ earplugs following the right way.

Step 1 – Purchasing the Best Earplugs 

In this case, the first thing you have to do is to purchase the best earplugs available currently in the market. Before you buy, it is essential to make sure that those soft foam earplugs should be moved in between your fingers without any obstacle.

Step 2 – Washing Your Hands 

The next thing you have to do is wash your hands in the first place. Washing your hands properly will ensure that your earplugs are free from the attack of germs and dirt of your hands. If possible, try to wash your hands using soap and lukewarm water.

Step 3 – Rolling the Earplug 

Now try to roll the earplug using your thumb & index finger. While doing the rolling thing, make sure you do this into a snake-like style.

It will help turn your earplugs into getting a smaller shape, which will fit your ears.

Step 4 – Pulling Your Ear 

I this step, you have to pull your ear using the other hand (the one not holding the earplugs). Try to stretch the ear a little up and backward. This will work great to give a perfect fit to the earplug while inserting it into your ear.

Step 5 – Putting in Earplugs 

In this last step, you have to insert the earplug into your ear canal slowly and gently. Don’t force the earplugs as it may bring something negative for your ear.

And, that’s it – you’re done!

How to Insert Pre-molded Earplugs

In this section, I will share the detailed instruction on how to insert pre-molded earplugs. I hope you will get to know how to put in earplugs the right way after reading the following steps.

Step 1 – Buying the Right Size 

In the case of the pre-molded earplugs, it is crucial for you to purchase the right size earplugs for you. If you have previous experience of using earplugs, it will help make this procedure a bit easier for you.

Step 2 – Go Through the Instructions 

Before making any attempt to put in a reusable earplug, the first thing you have to do is read all the instructions carefully. You will get the instruction guide or user manual with the pre-molded earplug package that you are going to buy.

Step 3 – Pulling the ear Back 

Now try to pull your ear backward to create space so that you can easily insert the pre-molded earplugs onto your ear canal.

Step 4 – Inserting the Earplugs 

Finally, you have to insert the earplugs following a gentle and rocking motion in this last step. While putting it in, make sure you push the earplug back and forth so that it can get the appropriate fit to your ears.

And, Yes, the earplug putting in thing is done!

Keys to Successful Hearing Protection with Earplugs 

There are some key points that you need to keep in mind for successful hearing protection with earplugs.

According to Daniel Boone, one of the world-famous American explorers and Philip Hope Percival, a renowned hunter – it is essential to check the comfort of earplugs before you use them.

For your convenience, I have made a shortlist of all the necessary points that you need to follow –

  • Always read 7 Follow all the fitting instructions related to the earplug you are going to put in.
  • In the case of a minimal noise environment, always try to avoid any kind of over-protection. So, you need to pick the best earplug depending on your surrounding environment where you are going to use the earplugs.
  • If you feel that one or both earplugs aren’t fitted properly, then you have to remove the plug and reinsert it one by one.
  • In the removal process, it is crucial to pull out the earplugs slowly and gently.

Tips for Putting in an Earplug

Here is a list of some essential tips that you need to follow while putting in an earplug –

  • Always inspect the earplugs before you attempt to wear for damage, dirt or hardness. If you find out anything wrong with your earplugs, you have to remove the plugs immediately.
  • To maintain proper hygiene, you should discard the single-use earplugs when you don’t need them.
  • If you follow proper maintenance, you may get a longer useful life of your earplugs.
  • You have to Clean & Replace the pods frequently to keep your ears safe from germs and infections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Words

This is all about the discussion that I have planned to share with you on how to put in earplugs.

I am quite certain that you have come to know everything regarding putting in earplugs the right way.

Still, if you have any questions regarding how to insert earplugs, don’t hesitate to knock me.

I will surely extend my helping hand in this regard.

Take Care!

See You Soon!

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