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How to Use Binoculars: Beginner Guide

Almost everyone knows what a binocular is. Well, at least a kid would know because they have the most interest in it but everyone doesn’t know how to use binoculars properly.

Now imagine a situation where your kid wants to use your binocular. Then, he asks why he cannot see clearly. He asks you to adjust the binocular for him but you have no clue. Because you just do it ‘somehow’ for yourself and you got it adjusted from the store.

In this case, it is not a bad thing that you do not know how to use the best binoculars but you yourself will feel a bit disappointed that you own it but cannot use it.

That is why, it is best if you prepare yourself for such situations beforehand, right? After all, it will also make you feel more confident and help you see better. So, let’s begin understanding how to use a binocular.

Binoculars: Knowing the Build

Let’s approach this section part by part.


This is what we use binoculars for. We use binoculars to see distant objects more clearly. The difference between binoculars and spectacles is that our glasses just let us see anything in its right state and place, they do not let us zoom in or out. But, best binoculars let us do that.

Now, you will find two lenses in the binocular, for each eye. Usually, the larger objective lenses are at the front while the eyepiece lenses are kept at the rear. You will also find a prism behind these lenses but not unless you open the whole binocular up.

The Whole Body 

The barrels containing the lenses connect with each other through a central pivot. The pivot may have two parts connecting the two barrels or just a single one. In fact, you may find the best binoculars of various designs in this case.

The central focus wheel 

Between the two barrels and the lenses, you will find a round-like dial. This is actually the focus wheel. You may find it marked or it may not be marked. But, you should be able to turn it in quite easily.

The Diopter Adjustment Dial 

One of the important binocular functions is diopter adjustment. On the right barrel, you will find the diopter adjustment dial. Well, it may not always be on the right but maybe on the left barrel as well. While the focus wheel helps to sharpen the image, the diopter adjustment wheel is responsible for adjusting the binocular to your eye’s requirements.

Because not all of us have the same eye power and not all of us see the same way.

How to use binoculars: The Adjustments Required

Bend the central pivot 

Even before you look through the lenses, you will have to make sure that the lenses or barrels are in a position so that your eyes can properly see through it. Therefore, you will have to either push the central pivot inwards or outwards. Make sure that they are positioned in a way that you do not see any dark corners but a full round view of the front.

Adjust the Focus 

This is where things may get a bit tricky. Apparently, you will have to cover the right lens with your hand or something and look through only the left eye lens. While you are doing that, you will probably see quite a blurry image.

What you have to do now is turn the central focus dial either left or right. There is no particular number you can stop at, at first. You will have to figure out which position makes the image sharpest.

Once you do that, you can mark down the number at which the dial provides a completely sharp image of whatever is in front of you.

Fix the Diopter 

Now, in the same way, you have to cover the left eye lens and look through the right. Then, you will have to turn the diopter adjustment dial in any way so that the image you are seeing through the right lens is as clear as it can get. Once you get a clear image, note down the number you got it at.

Look through both the lens

Now, you can look through both eyes and see if you see a clear image. If you cannot then you will have to adjust the focus and diopter adjustment again. Keep adjusting until you see a completely clear image.

3 Tips How to use binoculars

1. Look for the target with bare eyes first

Even though binoculars are supposed to help you see clearly from a distance, they cannot provide you a wide view that well. But, a wide view is what you need to find out the objects you want to see. Therefore, you have to look for your targets with bare eyes first. Once you find them you can lift your binoculars up to see them more clearly.

2. Look in the right places

The object you are looking to see maybe small- like a bird hiding behind a tree. In this case, looking for it with bare eyes won’t do a lot of good. This is why you can use your best binoculars to zoom in on places where the probability of the target staying is high. For example, you may zoom in on edges, branches, etc. to find a bird.

3. Do not touch the lenses and maintain the binocular sincerely

Using a binocular is not limited to using it right but treating it right as well. When you are using it, make sure you do not touch the lens with your fingers- it could leave spots. Furthermore, make sure that you clear out dust and debris that builds in the binocular.

Or else, it will lose its efficiency and quality. Other than that, use the rain cap when it is raining. After you use the binoculars, store it carefully in the bag it comes in.

How you hold a binocular depends completely on how you find it comfortable to hold. Apart from that, if you read carefully you will see that adjusting the binocular is no hard task if you know how to do it. Just keep your senses sharp and you will find the perfect state for yourself.

Hope now you know enough about how to use binoculars properly.

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