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Vortex Crossfire Vs Diamondback: Which Is Best?

Every hunter knows how important it is to pack the pair of appropriate binoculars when it comes to making the essential hunting gear list. Among the top-rated binocular brands, two of the most popular ones are Vortex Crossfire and Vortex Diamond. Since both the binocular models have immense popularity, the argument on Vortex Crossfire vs Diamondback goes on and on.

The problem of choosing between vortex crossfire and diamondback is the most alarming one for beginners, yet the pro-level hunters also face this issue.

As a result, it has become more than necessary to have a clear understanding of the differences between Vortex Crossfire Vs Diamondback binoculars.

In this regard, I have thought of doing an in-depth analysis of both these binocular models so that I can come up with a detailed comparison article explicitly focusing on vortex diamondback vs crossfire binoculars.

And, today, I am here with a comprehensive article specifically designed to eradicate your confusion regarding choosing between vortex crossfire and diamondback binocular models.

Before I start the comparison discussion, I must let you know the fact that it is going to be a long comparison article as both of these binocular models come with distinctive features.

Also, it was really tough for me to decide the better one of these two popular binocular models. To know the winner, stay with me till the end of this discussion.

Furthermore, I have also made a detailed comparison chart on Vortex Crossfire vs Diamondback binocular models (focusing on 4 similar binocular models).

Let’s jump into the main discussion….

Difference Between Vortex Crossfire and Diamondback Binoculars

For your convenience, I have designed this comparison section based on some of the most critical factors of the binoculars. I hope you will be able to get yourself acquainted with the right kind of info from the following comparison discussion.

Optical Performance

Among the Vortex Optics binoculars, the newly launched Vortex Diamondback series is one of the most popular ones. This series consists of a total of 9 binocular models with sizes ranging from 8X28,10X28, 8X32, 10X32 to 10X50, 8.5X50, 10X42, 8X42, 12X50 binoculars.

Apart from being one of the most popular hunting binoculars, the Vortex Diamondback binocular models come with an ergonomic design with an exclusive physical appearance.

These binocular models come with multi-coated optics that are widely famous for producing impressive and extraordinary optical quality images even in low-light conditions.

With a somewhat similar appearance to the Vortex Diamondbacks, the Crossfire binocular models are known as the entry-level binoculars. This series comes in sizes like 10X50, 10X42, 8X42, 12X50.

The optics quality of the Vortex crossfire series is just superb in terms of delivering the image quality. The multiple anti-reflective coatings on the optics give a bright and clear image.

Field of View

In terms of Field of View, I haven’t found that much difference between vortex crossfire vs diamondback binocular models. If you look at the comparison chart (referring to the comparison table mentioned below), you will also find no noticeable differences.

The Vortex Diamondback 8×42 binocular model has the same Field of View as the Vortex Crossfire 8×42 binoculars at 393-feet @ 1,000 yards.

Distance and Magnification

Even you take a look at the magnification power, the model with the highest magnification power has the same kind of Field of View. For your convenience, I have mentioned the model that has the highest magnification power – the 12×50 model.

The Vortex Diamondback binocular model (12×50 variant) is at 271-feet per 1000 yards while the Vortex Crossfire binocular model (12×50 variant) is at 273 feet per 1,000 yards.

To know details about the other models of Vortex crossfire and diamondback, you can have a look at the following comparison table.

Apart from the magnification power, it is also essential to get yourself acquainted with the comparison between Vortex crossfire and diamondback in terms of min. close focus distance.

This time the Diamondback binoculars models take a step ahead of the Crossfire binoculars as they have a better close focus. The Vortex Diamondback binocular (8×42 variant) features a close focus distance of 5-feet, whereas the Vortex Crossfire binocular (8×42 variant) is at 7.5-feet. For the rest of the models, you can check out the comparison table I have specifically designed for you.

Weight and Dimensions

In terms of dimensions, I have found the Vortex Crossfire models a bit heavier as well as bulkier compared to the models of Vortex Diamondback.

If we make a specific comparison from model to model, we will get the following information –

For the 8×42 variant, the Diamondback binocular weighs around 21.8-oz at dimensions of 5.8″ x 5.1″, whereas the Crossfire binocular weighs 23.5-oz at dimensions of 6.2″ x 5.1″.


In the case of the durability factor, I have considered the type of gas used in these binocular models as the main factor.

In diamondback binoculars, the manufacturers have used Argon gas, whereas, in crossfire binoculars, the manufacturers have used Nitrogen gas. In this case, I must let you know that the molecules of Argon gas (used in the Diamondback binocular models) are smaller than that of the Nitrogen gas (used in the Vortex Crossfire models). If an impact occurs, then the possibility of leaking out the gas molecules of Argon gas is way smaller than the molecules of Nitrogen gas.

Hence, the Vortex Diamondback binoculars will perform better because of the above reasons.

Body Construction

A pair of binoculars that is fully weatherproof gives you an added advantage when you are out there in the field. This particular feature will prevent dust, fog, moisture, and debris from infiltrating the binoculars for providing consistent and reliable performance under all types of environments.

In this case, we can see a clear tie because both the diamondback and crossfire binocular models are fog proof and waterproof.


Price is another crucial factor that you need to focus on when the discussion is about Vortex Crossfire and Diamondback binoculars.

In this case, you have to remember the fact that you may need to increase your budget depending on the specifications you want in the binocular model you intend to purchase.


Both the Diamondback and Crossfire series come with the Lifetime Warranty backed by Vortex. So, here is also a clear tie.

Vortex Crossfire vs Diamondback Binoculars – Comparison Chart

As I have promised, this is a detailed comparison chart focusing on 2 similar binoculars from Vortex Crossfire and Diamondback, respectively.

Model or Name

Vortex Crossfire 8×42 Binocular

Vortex Diamondback 8×42 Binocular

Vortex Diamondback 10×42 Binocular

Vortex Crossfire 10 x 42 Binocular






Eye relief





Field of View

393 ft @ 1000 yards

393 ft @ 1000 yards

330 ft/1000 yards

325 ft @ 1000 yds

Objective Lens Diameter





Minimum Close Focus





Focus Type





Tripod Mount

Tripod Adaptable

Tripod Adaptable

Tripod Adaptable

Tripod Adaptable






Exit Pupil Diameter






Fully Waterproof & Fog Proof

Fully Waterproof & Fog Proof (Argon Purged)

Fully Waterproof & Fog Proof (Argon Purged)

Fully Waterproof & Fog Proof (Nitrogen Purged)


6.2″ x 5.1″

5.8″ x 5.1″

5.8″ x 5.1″

6.0″ x 5.1″

Prism Coatings

Multi-coated prisms

Multi-layer prism coatings, BaK-4 roof Dielectric

Multi-layer prism coatings, BaK-4 roof Dielectric

Multi-coated Prisms

Lens Coatings

Multi-coated lenses



Multi-coated lenses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Words

So, we have reached the ending point of our discussion on Vortex Crossfire vs diamondback binoculars.

I am pretty much sure that I have clearly explained the comparison between the vortex diamondback vs crossfire binocular models. For your convenience, I have designed a comparison chart where I have focused on the 4 main binocular models from these 2 brands.

If you look carefully at the comparison chart, you will get to know every comparison detail in less than a minute.

I hope that now you can decide which one to buy based on the comparison discussion I have made above.

Still, if you face any kind of confusion while making your purchasing decision, then you can ping me at any point in time.

I would love to extend my helping hand.

And, don’t forget to share which one you have bought and your experiences with that pair of binoculars.

This is all I had planned to share this time.

See You Soon!

Take Care!

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