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Where to Find Hunting Land for Lease in Louisiana

For ages, living off the bounty of Louisiana’s land and sea has been a tradition and way of life. Louisiana’s topography and hunting areas and the large and small game that inhabits them are diverse. There’s hunting acreage for lease in Louisiana that will suit each hunter type, from marsh and wetlands to acres of wooded forests.

Quail, wild boar, duck, and red stag deer are some of Louisiana’s most common game animals. Axis, Whitetail deer, fallow, alligator, and blackbuck are among Louisiana’s other huge species. The duck is a very popular small game species in Louisiana. Puddle Ducks,  Mallards, and other waterfowl can be found across the state, but Louisiana’s wetlands have the most diverse population of these species.

We have the solutions if you know what you want to hunt but aren’t sure where to find the land to do it on. We can also assist you in deciding what you want to hunt if you haven’t made up your mind yet.

Deer Hunting Land for Lease in Louisiana

Although whitetail deer and red stag deer can be found across Louisiana, all of the hunting area available for lease is owned by timber firms. If you search hard enough, you can still locate a few farms dispersed across the state that license their own land for game hunting.

Roy O Martin is a timber firm that leases land to hunters for deer hunting. Timber company land is leased “as is” with no warranties regarding wildlife density, land quality, or accessibility.

Weyerhaeuser also has lands and leases a lot of land in Louisiana for deer hunting. Unlike few other timber firms, Weyerhaeuser’s territory is perfectly suitable for hunting.

Duck Hunting Land for Lease in Louisiana

The amazing game resources of Dream Hunt Resort in Louisiana are well-known. Many varieties of duck, as well as other all game animals, abound on their leasable territory. Preserve leases, such as those offered by Dream Hunt, are seasonal with include a variety of high-end amenities.

You might come with a resort or a preserve that provides lengthier lease agreements on rare occasions. Land leases are available through RoyOMartin and other Louisiana timber firms, which may or may not place you on a duck hunt.

In the duck season and other game seasons, some oil firms in Louisiana make their acreage available for leasing. Please remember that land lease arrangements with corporations like RoyOMartin can be lengthy, extending up to eight years in some cases.

Hunting Leases in South Louisiana

Land leases, hunter housing, and various animal species are available at Land Of Lakes Plantation in Southern Louisiana. Deer, elk, buffalo, Red Stag, and trophy whitetail deer are among the major game species found on their preserve.

Guided and unguided hunting is available at Bayou Teche Hunting Preserve. Their land is also leased to hunters on a seasonal basis. Quail, chukar, pheasant, and woodcock are their most common prey. They do, however, provide hog hunting opportunities.

Arcadian Expeditions provides alligator hunting expeditions, land leasing occasionally, and onsite amenities such as lodging and meals.

Hunting Leases in North Louisiana

The Deux Chenes (French for “two oaks”) Hunting Club offers leasable land in 350 acres of rice fields. Duex Chene’s property is home to various duck species, and guided hunts are possible.

Wild Hog Ridge Hunting Club specializes in hog hunting and leases out acres of its territory. Their pigs are Russian and Razorbacks, with 100 to 400 pounds. Hunts are tailored to the desires of the hunter. Hunting with a gun, knife, dog, or spear is permitted, as is stalking.

Land leases and Louisiana alligator hunting are available through Cutter Creek Outfitters. All alligator hunting at Cutter Creek is guided for your protection, and they also have deer, duck, and geese hunting.

Hunting Leases in Central Louisiana

Duck, deer, rabbit, and dove hunting are available at Dream Hunt Resort in Central Louisiana. Their leasable land is teeming with mature animals and well maintained for the best hunting experience. To be hunted, a whitetail deer must have at least 8 points.

Dream Hunt contracts rabbit hunting leases in February, and hunting dogs are given. Deer and duck hunting and fishing are available at the Big Woods Fish and Game Reserve in south-central Louisiana. The lease is on a yearly and seasonal basis.

Could I build a house in the forest and do I have to pay anyone?

You can acquire land in the forest, but you must first meet the requirements of the owner’s and regulatory body. It is illegal to construct on land you do not own or lease. To proceed with construction in the United States, you must also fulfill a range of rules, such as septic design, boundary determination, environmental compliance, and so on.

If you mean can you build in an undeveloped, unoccupied location, the answer is yes, but only until you are discovered by the landowner and ejected and prosecuted?

It is far more convenient to buy the land in question.

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